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In-depth scriptural analysis of loving God with the heart, soul, and mind; complete with psychological tools and personalized growth plans towards fully loving God.

- For groups of 25 or more

- Led jointly by Dr LaFountain and Pastor Steve

- 8 free books + 20% off book purchases

Overview of the different concepts of heart, soul, and mind love and stepwise plans for growing our relationship with God across each type of love.

- 3-week sermon series

- Taught by Dr LaFountain or Pastor Steve

- 3 free books + 15% off book purchases

Compelling exposition on living out the greatest commandment

- Sunday morning sermon

- Taught by Dr LaFountain or Pastor Steve

- 1 free book + 10% off book purchases


Sunday Sermon

Eagle Flying

Path to Purpose
~ Worksheet ~

Romantic Couple Enjoying View

Measured Grace

Treasured Place

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