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Corporate Services

We are a support system for Christian-missioned organizations who are purposed in their work to glorify God. These include commercial or church-based organizations, for-profit or non-profit entities. We do this through various methods:

On-site Seminars

Lecture-style presentations provide biblical exposition of common workplace issues such as peer-dynamics, faith-missions impact, employee engagement, or customized content for your core strategy. Insights from psychology help bring biblical truths to life so we can action into God's will for us and the people we serve.

Sunrise on Matterhorn from Riffelsee

Corporate Retreats

When times get tough and a hard reset is needed, or a new direction is on the horizon, retreats provide a deeper dive into the heart, mind and soul of priority issues. Let our expertise in leadership models, strategy, employee engagement, customer experience, and product positioning, shareholder value, direct you to the most effective and rewarding path forward.

Corporate Strategy

Creating a sustainable, life-changing impact in the world for the glory of God isn't easy. We need to be well-positioned to stand firm against all types of threat, and to do so requires structure, process and solid strategic strength. We can help by getting alongside you in order to develop, test, and codify a measurable and accountable strategic process that will see you through to your visions.

Leader Coaching

The demands of leadership are constantly changing as our world keeps modernizing. In Christian-missioned organizations the push-pull of internal priorities and external pressures is a daily reality for leaders. We help organizations set up solid strategies that are uncompromising in principles, sustainable through times of pressure, yet flexible to changing corporate or customer needs.

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