Truth First exists to help Christians prosper in their God-given calling. We are a support system for larger Christian-missioned organizations who are purposed in their work to glorify God.

We provide education at a group level, coaching and counseling at an individual level, as well as consulting in corporate and organizational strategy and leadership management. Through our support, Christian-minded organizations can thrive in their internal environment and maximize their external influence.


Individual guidance (for corporate guidance, click here)

Every one of us has been equipped perfectly for a purposeful life (Jeremiah 1:5). True joy and authenticity come from wholeheartedly living that life. This requires understanding God's will for us, and steadfastly walking in that purpose despite setbacks, barriers, worldly limitations, and fears. When our lives align to God's purpose, we are free from the trappings of short-term gains, worldly acclaim, and socially guided impositions on our lives.


Truth First will help you discern God's will for you, and provide tools and discussion to enable a deeper, more personal walk with God. Monthly seminars will also be held in the Wallingford-Swarthmore area.

Are you ready to be set free and to live the life you were called to - for yourself, for the world around you, and for God's glory?

"Then you will know the truth
and the truth will set you free"

(John 8:32)

About Dr Andrea LaFountain

My Christian heart

I have several life verses, but perhaps one of my favorites is "He made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in in His quiver" (Isaiah 49:2).  God's word tells me that we are each designed with intention, with purpose, with direction in mind. This verse also tells me that God spent time crafting me to perfection for the work He has for me. It also tells me that He is the one to launch me in that direction, in His timing, when His mighty hand reaches back to pull me out from the safety of His side. And it reassures me that if I don't fight or resist His timing, and His purpose, that with Him as the Archer, I am sure to hit the target - dead center.  It does not tell me that the world we live in throws other targets in front of me, and has other hands vying to pull me out of the quiver - but other verses reveal that truth to me (e.g. 1 Peter 5:8) and my eyes and ears tell me that every day that I live in this world.  It is my desire, that we are all enabled to surrender to God the Father, as we go further into sanctification, through the Word of God, and the work of the Holy Spirit in us.

My early life

I was born in Manchester, England, and moved to Donegal, Ireland when I was 8 years old. I went to a Gaeltacht (all Irish speaking) elementary school, a convent high school, and then moved to war-torn Belfast to University. I received a Bachelor's of Science degree, and Masters of Science degree, both in Applied Psychology, at the University of Ulster. I then moved to England to study for a Doctorate in Cognitive Neuroscience at The University of Liverpool. I became a Christian during this time. The mind is a fascinating creation, and with new eyes from which to study it, I am even more undone at how unfathomable we, and our thinking minds, are. Also during this time in England I had the good fortune of meeting a wonderful man of God from Philadelphia. Of course we fell in love! We got married in Ireland, then I emigrated to the USA in 2000.

My teaching background

I've been teaching for over 25 years, beginning in the poverty-stricken housing estates in politically volatile Belfast. I have taught all ages from small groups of ages 2-3, to undergraduate, post-graduate to mature business professionals. The majority of my academic teaching has been undergraduate and postgraduate courses in psychology, statistics and cognitive science. In the US, my teaching has focused largely on professional business with teachings at small private venues (e.g. The Union League) to large international conferences (e.g. Healthcare World Summit), universities (e.g Wharton), hospitals (e.g. The Cleveland Clinic) and government. By the grace of God, I was able to write a book "How Patients Think" that has been very beneficial in helping the healthcare industry re-strategize its transformation. More recently my teaching has focused on faith-based seminars from small group studies to larger retreat efforts.

My home life

I live in Wallingford, PA, with my husband Andy, and our five children Matthew, Adam, James, Simon and Molly, and our two schnauzers Trixie and Truly. It's generally chaotic, and hard work, but with the grace of God, we all manage to get along and get done what we need to get done.

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